Facebook moves ahead on music with last major label deal


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On Friday's CNBC's Options Action, the crew analyzed the performance of Facebook  stock. Facebook  ( FB ) has been one of the hottest stocks in 2017, part of the FANG group but has started to underperform it's peers over the past few months. Compared to Tech, Consumer Discretionary and even the S&P 500 FB  has severely underperformed all, which is a bearish sign. Coupled with a break below a bullish channel , points to possible weakness going forward. Expecting FBto have topped, Michael Khouw suggests selling an April 185/196 Call Vertical for a $3.80 Credit.

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Horrible roster. Who needs Facebook to tell you who you "should" be listening to? As Facebook enforces more rules, more people will abandon it especially Generation Z and younger millennials.

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Horrible roster. Who needs Facebook to tell you who you "should" be listening to?

I don't think you understand - this is not about who you should be listening to

These deals just mean you can post music videos of those labels on Facebook without being taken down due to copyright infringement

Otherwise: "Fans, when not uploading their own homemade videos, link to other sites such as YouTube and Spotify."

And Facebook doesn't want that

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