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Facebook moves to new full-screen 'immersive' ads


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Might be about time to sign off.

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Closed my account years back and pleased i did.

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scroll through a cascade of full-screen images, swiping along carousels or tapping at points to trigger videos

Oh so now going into Facebook it's gonna be like trying to see a product on Rakuten. Great...

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I can't close my facebook account unfortunately not only are all my friends on there and usually only on there (i like chatting sometimes in addition to meeting them IRL at the manga kissa and anime conventions and such) , a lot of smaller events including the two cosplay meets I always go to (both organised 4 times epr year and always 1000000% awesome great fun!! :D) are only announced on facebook so without that I can't go there anymore! :-(

this sounds like it sucks too...

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Ad blockers are the way to go for all sites. You only have to see what you want.

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