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Facebook-owner Meta to roll out paid subscription


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Oh! Give me a break. Like we need you.

All of these platforms have turned into junk over the last few years.

I would rather read a book or go hiking.

Monthly subscription.

What a joke.

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Monthly subscription.

What a joke.

If Zuck tries that stunt on FB now I hope the users leave it in droves. I will if he starts that crap.

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Who cares. They can try to sell whatever they want, and if it were for 11.99mio. and offering badges in all colors of the rainbow. lol

4 ( +6 / -2 )

Well, I will just watch NHK World more often and just find articles in the internet.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Most people will be happy with unverified, free accounts. They can keep selling the details of what I surf for all day long. I consider it an excellent deal.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

No thanks

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It might be worth it if it stemmed what has become an absolute avalanche of advertising on the platform. But of course, it won't.

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Oh no! It seems that all that garbage we tirelessly generate every day is not sufficient for Facebook to cover our transition to the dream of all humankind: The Metaverse :))) Lets empty our pockets a little bit (but monthly) and the geniuses from Meta will use them in the best possible way!

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I imagine for an extra $12 would verify just about anything. Anything seems to go for money. How about verifying some of the ads? Some look to good to be true and probably are.

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Think about this, Facebook or whatever it's calling itself his week is a social media menace, makes money off your data, allows others to weaponize/leverage your data.

Now Facebook want you to pay for what this social media cesspit considers to be a privilege.

What effrontery. .

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Facebook was really good about 15 years ago when people actually used it to keep in touch with each other. Today, my home feed is just full of ads, suggestions for pages I have no interest in, and posts by the 5% or so of my friends who still use it. Its garbage.

And now they want us to pay for that crap?

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Agree 100% with rainyday. I just get junk content now.

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"Social media" should be simple and totally anonymous. You log in, you log out,

This site is simplification personified to the extent you can take it or leave it.

Comment/opinion is optional and open to debate challenge.

That cannot be said of Facebook.

How does facebook handle the 4+ petabyte of data generated per day? Cambridge Analytica - facebook data scandal.


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LOL what a marketing joke $11.99!!! In other words we will sell you your own information monthly for $12.00.

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LOL Social Media is now becoming "Special Media"!!

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Had they left FB the way it was about 12 years ago, it'd still be something I often use.

Unfortunately, with all the algorithms they put in, I only see a very small % of my friends' posts, mostly ads, or promote that they think I'll like.

They should've left a good thing alone. Ain't paying for it, that's for sure.

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Meta should be paying people to use its social media, since users are the value.

The whole TikTok uproar came about because Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were hemorrhaging advertising revenue going to TikTok. They tried to kill it the old fashioned way, political lobbying and PR scare tactics. They all collect user data and track everyone continuously.

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