Facebook parent Meta cuts 11,000 jobs, 13% of workforce


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They treat employees like cattle, those same employees that make them millionaires.

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I do think the kind of ‘immersive digital interface’ he’s envisaged will become a norm… but not for at least another 20-30 years or more. He’s way too early, and he’s burned a massive hole in the company’s wallet needlessly pushing it. Ah well, we all make mistakes… a $10bn a year mistake is pretty unforgivable, though…

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Another tech fantasy bitten in the arse by financial reality.

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Just shut it all down Zucker. You done enough damage to the world with your division and Rhetoric. Humanity doesn’t need or want you.

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The billionaire Zucker sucker punches 11,000 META employees, the largest number this year. High-tech companies laying off workers. More to come.

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The metaverse wasn't looking so hot, but also Tik Tok was getting more clicks, and Apple made changes to keep Meta from getting PI on Apple users. Additionally, foreign countries have began to ask for a share of the pie for their newspapers when Facebook or Google act as news aggregators. And there is a general push towards privacy - especially in the EU. That's the way the cookies crumble.

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Recently he stated the company should double down on ads. And now Facebook has an ad every two posts, sometimes every posts. Who wants to login to a social network to read ads only? I stopped using Facebook because of that. And Instagram I open it only in my browser with AdBlock Plus for the same reason. Too many ads.

Plus the guy thought VR was gonna be the future... Not even Sony PlayStation with their really cool stuff. How would Zuckerberg expect people to burn $500+ on a headset just to get into Facebook?

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Facebook had no choice but to cut employees. After all, they only made $2 billion net profit after all expenses for the quarter!!!

/end of sarcasm

People, just get off the extremely lame and tacky social media.

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I guess they can always find jobs in the Metaverse.

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If only a foreign government could flood FB with disinformation for money.

Oh wait, they did that already.

Zuck really ought to fire his barber and his tailor as well.

It’s a shame that 11k people have to hit the street for his folly.

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FB is so yesterday.

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yea buddy its time to admit that FB is thing of past...

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@charles chevaux EXACTLY!!! Apple was nothing but a LEECH company sucking info from other companies and not paying them while enriching Zuck. Now he is *ucked sooner or later his world would crumble and it did int the "META WORSE".

Apple made changes to keep Meta from getting PI (Personal information) on Apple users. Additionally, foreign countries have began to ask for a share of the pie for their newspapers when Facebook or Google act as news aggregators

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When a Company sheds employees like this, the CEO should shed their pay similarly too.

It's a reflection of bad management, and poor vision.

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One more of this social crap networks that should wither and die!

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He and his fellow directors will all keep their huge salaries, multiple houses, mansions, SUVs, boats, aeroplanes, and other items made on the back of these sacked workers. Sharing the wealth to help others is not a part of the "Metaverse."

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The failure is to announce something that by far isn’t still available and is much too expensive for the average people. Or has anybody of you already been in his Metaverse and could easily afford the necessary expensive dataglasses and handsets?

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