Facebook parent Meta threatens to remove news from platform


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LOL, getting your newsfeed from Meta is like letting a conman decide what to do with your money.

2022 has been peak fakenews anyway. You 'often' get more reliable news from freelancers and on the ground blog posts, heck even reddit news post is now more reliable than mainstream media. I've cancelled 9 paywalls this year, and will cancel more shortly.

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FB is thing of very past.

Who really mind abt their moves?

Do what you want,you are not missed at all!

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That would be a good thing!

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They already "fact check" and censor a bunch anyways so what's the difference

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So, is Meta the only news source in the world? Pfft! We should all encourage them to drop the so-called 'service', and stop raping and pillaging true news services. You want to get your news? There are far better sources than Meta.

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As if you could only see news through that means...

I hope congress approve that law..

FB sucks!!..

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