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Facebook parent Meta to stop paying Australian news media


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"People don't come to Facebook for news and political content," the firm said

I don't go to Facebook for anything. Simplifies life greatly.

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Ban Meta and facebook in Australia. Nobody needs either. After a month, nobody would even care.

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If Mera are not going to link to news, what justification is there for them to pay? Meta are not a charity with a mission to support Australian news outlets. The deeper problem is how quality reporting can be self-financing. TV news is still popular, and many news channels seem to be viable. The legacy print media probably has to reform or die.

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Australian news publishers deserve fair compensation for the content they provide."

Obviously same conclusion reached by meta

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Facebook stopped offering news in Canada months ago, and it's made Canada a better country. I'm sure this will bother some Australians, but in reality, Australia just got a bit better overall.

People who are stupid enough to only get their news from Facebook are morons. Now they have a little less opportunity to be morons. That's a good thing. Those who still want news, can go get it.

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