Facebook rolls out 'Timeline' feature to all users


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Do I really have to use this?!

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No, you can deactivate/delete your account. I did it a couple of months back; it's rather liberating.

A more pertinent question may be do people really want to know "The miles you run"?

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As you scroll down, you'll see your posts, photos and life events as they happened, back to the day you were born.

Back to the day you were born and updated your status? Tall claims.

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Not bad. I tried it. It's pretty easy to navigate and edit. Nothing to be too worried about.

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I don't see what the big fuss is, it's nothing new, simply another redesign. I think it's been done because it's not really necessary to look at people's pages, you can just look at the news feed and that encompasses all recent activity, and do everything through that.

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I tried it, wasn't too difficult. Had to choose a second photo to serve as the background, then go through some of the comments for the last few years and remove those that are no longer timely. Also supposed to add photos for major life events like weddings and graduations.

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I went through my timeline and found posts from a few years back that are no longer relevant (okay, posts regarding a previous relationship and some embarrassing posts). I didn't bother to delete them before because I figured that they were already buried underneath many posts. But timeline changed that; it makes it very easy for people to access even long-forgotten posts. So yeah, I spent an hour deleting those while cringing the whole time. Now that that's over and done, i'm loving my timeline. :D

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Wow... they give you a whopping seven days to set the security.

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Signed up and removed my account within 2 weeks and that was years ago.

Don't subscribe into those trends/flashy tools, don't need them as I managed to organise my life/work/hobbies and friends for decades without them and that includes Cel-Phones, etc, etc.

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I'm thinking of quitting Facebook. With this feature it is even more of privacy risk than before. Posts I made long ago are now easily accessible.

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More ways of stalking..

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As usual we have all the negative, don't change my Facebook comments. This is a great new update. Looks slick, easy to navigate. 5 stars for facebook. Scan me, Ive nothing to hide

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