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Facebook shakes up engineering teams in mobile move

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The most awful thing is happening to Google and Facebook: they are pretty lazy! Not one of them is really trying to build a new OS and its own proper ecosystem as Apple did.. and they hace the economical and tech resources required for that, and more important: they can grab a gigantic crowdsourcing fanbase to do the work.

When Google "did" Android, they just took some patchwork from Linux and even Microsoft technologies (all manufacturers of Android phones pay Microsoft a royaly for its chunk of tech/ies on that OS). Facebook, having played the stock market with a smarter bank group, revived the tech bubble shadow, and went as a victim of its own creation, due to a poor minded CEO. Yes he did get tons of money, but almost destroyed FB.

NO, FB is playing a more important card for its survival: it has to come up with a phone or a phone technology, (hard or soft) that will cope with the almost billion users it has. If it does not, it wont be able to make the big turn at all.

Meantime, Microsoft, playing in all teams (including Apple where it put $ long time ago) is gaining energy, so it may become a big winner on all this Apple vs Samsung vs Google/Android thing.

Let' s play ball!!!!!!!

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