Facebook shifts News Feed; gives priority to friends


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I hate seeing what my "so-called" friends clicked liked on.Some of them click like for every got damn thing and I don't need to know about it.And I don't need to know their viewpoint on such and such just because they expressed it.

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“to ensure that content posted directly by the friends you care about, such as photos, videos, status updates or links, will be higher up in News Feed so you are less likely to miss it,”

How about just letting us choose to have most recent as default instead of the highlights BS.

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I am not seeing many posts from names like Humans of New York, The Oatmeal, and George Takei. I Like them, I Follow them, I go to their pages every so often to Like all the posts I missed, so that they start appearing in my feed again, but no... It's a pain. Does FB not like it when people and pages get too successful?

I agree with Probie, just stick with Most recent as default.

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I've got two lists, one for family and one for my bestfriends. I can easily just go onto these lists to see what they have posted without having to search for them through a massive newsfeed of crap.

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"She poked a brush with a stick, when i saw why, i had a heart attack!"

Oh god oh god can we make pages with titles like this disappear from the internet forever? When i see them on my news feed i immediately consider unfriending the person who 'shared' that link

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“The goal of News Feed is to show you the content that matters to you” The true aim of Facebook is to suck as much money out of their advertising links as possible ! And if you think their Data Mining Algorithms work for you , you are simple delusional... I highly recommend reading Jaron Laniers book : You are Not a Gadget

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Are they still going to prioritize those posts that tell me my friends have liked some commercial concern's official page when I know good and well said friends have not only not liked it but are also not even aware it exists?

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