Facebook shows new ways to chat, stream video


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Zuckerberg's job is to stick with social media, not insult candidates. improving the American borders and immigration process is the presidential candidate's job. Actually by preventing illegal immigrants from running across the borders would help his business

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Zuckerberg has no 'job'. He created his own position, and has enough power and influence to say pretty much whatever he wants. And while you're quick to criticize, remember that the person he was criticizing had plenty to say about a certain politician (something about a birth certificate comes to mind) before he was a candidate.

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That’s already a popular model in some Asian countries, where people use China’s WeChat, Japan’s Line

Ahem, isn't Line Korean?

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He does influence, but to insult a candidate and having related (which there are no relationships at all) Facebook with the position of a party is pushing a belief and an opinion which is fabricated. Trump isnt preventing people from entering the states, he is preventing undocumented people from entering the states. Zuckerberg should just stick to Facebook and stay out of politics. And in my experience, that is discussing politics at work which HR should have prevented him from speaking about. If a Facebook employee were to speak in support for Trump, what would happen to that employee?

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Keitai, a presidential candidates job is not to prevent illegal immigrants from running across borders. That is the job of those who have been elected to do it. A candidate is someone who wants to be elected and makes promises to do things if he is elected. In the case of Trump he has promised to commit war crimes and human rights abuses such as torture.

I am sure many Americans want to insult Trump and in a free country should be able to do so freely.

If you don't like Zuckerburg expressing opinions about politicians, what do you think of other American billionaires like the Koch brothers financing, perhaps buying would be a more accurate term, presidential candidates and other politicians who are supposed to represent the people?

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There's a zucker born every minute. -- p. T. Barnym

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Ahem, isn't Line Korean?

Line was developed by the Japanese unit of Naver inc., which is a Korean company, after 3/11 (recognizing people needed to be able to communicate when phone lines were out). So it's sort of Korean, sort of Japanese.

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Humm so simply more spam on FB.

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gaijintraveller, a presidential candidates job IS to prevent illegal immigrants from running across borders. And if you have not either been in the military, been to war or dealt with such evil people that are a big threat to peaceful citizens, you should not speak about torture. It is necessary to save peaceful lives. its been done in the past and has worked well. so lets return to the topic...

Zuckerburg expressing opinions about politicians should not be allowed. This creates a bad environment at his company as some may not agree. As i mentioned before, it is against HR policies to discuss politics at work. but since Zuckerburg is the CEO, does that give him an option to express his own opinion about politics against HR policies? He disallows his workers to discuss politics, but he himself is able to discuss politics AND insult another candidate? Seems threatening to those who work at FB.

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Zuckerburg expressing opinions about politicians should not be allowed.

Allowed by who? The government? So you're a believer in censorship? Or not allowed by his company? Maybe you forget, it's his company.

And you seem to forget Trump's whole 'birther' nonsense from a few years back. He as a businessman has spoken on politicians, so it's ridiculous to think that other businessmen shouldn't speak on him as a politician. What's good for the goose is good for the Rump.

The whole premise of your post is ridiculous. It's obvious that you're just bitter that someone as influential as Zuckerburg has dared to speak out against Trump. But what we really need is more influential people speaking out about Trump.

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The whole premise of your post is ridiculous, oh please. If it's his company, should he create a political environment for all Facebook employees to sway to his political belief? Yes, he can do whatever he wants, but to speak of a particular candidate is not professional. Like i said, he should stick to Facebook. he should not create an environment where it would make some of his employees feel uncomfortable. How would you feel if your boss spoke all positive things about Trump and negative things about all the other candidates, you would not feel so comfortable, would you?

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Then they can leave his company if they don't like his views. That's their choice.

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