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Facebook to cut off Huawei to comply with U.S. sanctions


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Trumps sanctions against Huawei , were both illegal and political and without providing facts, America is losing the technological race, and we all know how America reacts when it's losing. . Now is China's time to play the ace card and stop the supply of rare earth minerals, sanctions against Huawei and tariffs against China would soon be lifted. We have just seen the circus over Mexican proposed tariffs, Trump has taken credit for not implementing the tariffs , but in reality the republican party and business pressure was the real reason, surprise the republican party found some cohones to act against Trump. Funny how America still doesn't know how Asia works, I think this time they will lose against China.

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Huawei is pretty lucky that it doesn't have to deal with Facebook.

Facebook is already blocked in China, so there is nothing much going on here, except facebook will get to pretend it cares about security for five minutes while nobody believes them.

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Even if the supply of rare earth minerals is stopped, it will not be a problem immediately. So why are you importing from China? That's because the price is cheaper than mining on their own. China knows "Rare earth minerals that Japan will store on the seabed will have for the next 20 years or less.".

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Face book ???.it say a lot abt face-book. Huawei should start their own social media. Talk abt , monkey with no tails or correct principles. Hwa Wei should stop using face-book in the world. Big bully.

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Huawei should start their own social media.

You're right, they should. No one has to use Facebook. It's an open market in which anyone is free to come along and take the market share from FB.

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The concern was that the Chinese government might give undue influence and cause a problem in the U S. But it seems that is exactly what the US government is doing.

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Iimagine if China had been the one to prevent Chinese companies trading with the USA...

If the US were stealing Chinese intellectual properties and manipulating the dollar, hacking and spying on their citizens they would have every right to take the appropriate actions put an end to it.

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