Facebook to keep ads away from pages with sex and violence


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Seems that they are more concerned with protecting their ad revenue than getting rid of the porn and violent content. Isn't that surprising?

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A matter of course harry

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How about prevent BS ads from showing up on users' pages especially when they offend the morals or beliefs of said page owner. This is why FB is losing users.

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Harry, Facebook is already hugely anal about any adult content, it's hilarious. I am wondering what sexual content they think they have on their site anyway.

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FB is losing users? Hahahahahahah

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I for one am glad FB is taking this step. Nothing more distracting, and not in a good way, than having side panels of lascivious ads. No thank you and thank you FB.

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I really hate when FB has those evil pop up ads,showing all them hot babes from Romaina, etc...bastards!

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Does this mean I could somehow "hide" adult keywords on my Facebook page and would get a clean appearance without any unwanted, distracting ads?

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So this is how to keep ads off my page!

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