Facebook unveils new controls for kids using its platforms


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where he was grilled about Facebook's use of algorithms as well as its role in spreading harmful misinformation ahead of the Jan 6 Capitol riots.

The GOP for sure would leak it to their campaign managers so they can bombard FB users with their ads.

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“I appreciate that he is willing to talk about things, but I believe the time for conversation is done," said [Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota], referring to Clegg's plan. “The time for action is now.”

I couldn't agree more.

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I would like to find a new platform to share pictures with friends and family.

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Does anyone under the age of 20 use Facebook?

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“There is tremendous reason to be skeptical," he said. He added that regulators need to restrict what Facebook does with its algorithms.


I hope the American Congress can get its act together and start cracking down with legislation governing how Facebook (and other companies) use these algorithms.

The measures outlined in the article are just more of Facebook pretending to do something while actually doing nothing to address the problem. The company is a cancer on society now and needs to be brought down.

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Dont think humanity is ready for social media tbh.

I would like to find a new platform to share pictures with friends and family.

Its called email.

Or why not set up your own private forum for family and friends?

There are dozens of free apps to do so. Remember VBulletin? That and many others still exist.

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Kids - stay off FB ! Get a life instead

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