Facebook users can pay to promote friends' posts


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No thank you! For comments we should get paid!

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So Johnny's, "I'm just sitting down in the toilet stall" status update via Twitter can get more recognition and he can feel better if he pays cash to have it promoted? So sad.

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Facebook it getting on my nerves more and more.

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The feature is only available for people with fewer than 5,000 friends at the social network


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So, does this mean that if I don't pay there is a chance my posts won't make it to the people I want it to goto?

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Thinking about it, I'd pay not to see annoying posts showing what someone had for dinner last night!

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How much would it cost to delete my account?

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"Facebook friend" is an oxymoron.

People who post photos of their lunch on facebook should be shot.

Ditto those who post the trivial anecdotes of their children or, god help me, their pets. "Oh, little Tarquin did a wonderful postmodern monochrome portrait today (see photo). Mumsy and dadsy wuv you so much, we are SOOOOO proud!" Actually, tiny terror Tarquin scribbled on the wall with a pencil.

Death is too good for them.

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I hate Facebook. It is really low level service. Not only it bombards my e-mail everyday with spam offers of some suspicious "friends" (ten at a time) from bizarre places and displays annoying "girl" offers as payed advertisement (not possible to remove unless payed), now, in addition to that, it will promote all primitive posts if payed high enough. Thank you, but no.

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Still don't understand why Face Book got to be what it is. Companies saying, "like us on Face Book". If a company wants me to promote their products, what do I receive in return for doing it? Still a lot of people on caught up with the whole Face Book idea, amazing to me the whole concept of Face Book. A lot of lonely people who some how think posting your life on the internet and getting responses gives you friends. Soon, I think what may come is paying to have friends on FB.

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What a scam! In unrelated news, Facebook gets multi-billion tax break...

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