Whistleblower blasts Facebook's Meta rebrand

By Katy LEE

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Having a Harvard MBA doesn’t make F. Haugen some self-made international internet sheriff.

All she did was to recruit som jobless ex-anti-smoking crusaders and congressmen, who obviously have no clue of the internet essentials, and confuse them to mix up smoking and website surfing.

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The failure of big tech to address the problems and harm they create, ignoring them in favour of greed and profit are a fundamental and systemic threat to society.

Legislators and regulators across the globe will eventually have to clean up the mess which will inevitably lead to more and heavier handed restriction than we would prefer. Unless the companies involved change their approach they will destroy the libertarian underpinnings to the web that originally prompted them. That will probably require the removal of the egotistical founders.

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I believe Meta has been mocked as it sounds like the Hebrew sorb for dead! Sic transit gloria Facebook.

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Sorb = word.

Ruddy predictive text!

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