Facebook working on long-sought 'dislike' button


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There should be one button ' Urusai ' !!

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JT led the way on this.

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People still use facebook?

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will we able to use it for the whole of Facebook?

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Wakarimasen: "JT led the way on this."

The key difference being that JT is a forum for people to post their opinions. Having an option to 'dislike' a person's personal status or comments on their own page is not at all the same.

That said, I think the 'dislike' button, if eventually put up, should pertain only to files/videos, etc. 'shared'. I think friends having seen your posts and nobody liking your status update is indication enough of 'dislike'. Whatever, though... if it says who 'dislikes' your post it could be interesting in terms of 'friendships' and how they continue. I think it will promote negativity more than anything else, but hey.

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Dumb idea.

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Smithinjapan, you are right . For example I here on JT push like button when I like a comment / opinion but never this ' Bad ' .

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I want 'ambivalent' button.

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I think liking something is simple and best. There's a whole range of emotions, why stop at like and dislike. It's implied when someone posts something tragic and you like it that it means you dislike it. Otherwise you wouldn't be friends...

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Yeah, a "Who gives a toss?" button would be most useful.

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All the better to serve you ads my precious

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How about "Meh"?

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Can't wait to see the mass flood of angry people getting offended by people who dislike their posts. On the other hand, it'll make people think twice before spamming random nonsense.

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Not a fan of the idea for Facebook or on here.Without saying what it is you dislike about the post, the button will be useless.Should only be allowed to use if you support why it is,rather than the lazy way of pushing dislike of which many people do for the sake of it.

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FB has been a net negative in terms of soical aspects if you ask me.

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"we don’t want to turn Facebook into a forum where people are voting up or down on people’s posts. That doesn’t seem like the kind of community that we want to create." - Zuckerberg

Facebook is not an opinions page, it is a social measurement tool for advertisers and marketers.

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