FamilyMart adopts facial recognition checkouts to cut need for staff


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Recognizes face..

"Hello sir, it's past 11PM would you like the usual, one tall boy and a fried chicken."

You don't know me... don't analyze me.. yes please. :-)

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Self check-out is fine, but no store needs to know my face (or the blood vessels in my eyes, or the veins in my hand, etc). I'll continue to use my anonymous Suica while wearing dark sunglasses, thank you very much.

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This facial recognition stuff is gaining ground so fast.

In the U.S., too

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Why not just a self-checkout using barcodes and IC cards?

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Soon 1984 plus will be the normal. You will be tracked from sunup to sundown by the government. Even after dark the government will know all.

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This is a new innovative idea and this will save time due to automation in working process.

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Great News! Japanese tech well done!!

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Well... this will certainly disprove the old Western joke that everyone here looks alike.

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