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Faster smartphones spark race for ways out of data crunch


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the only problem with your hipad2 is that it's not a phone, me thinks. your arm would get a bit tired if you'd have to hold a private phone call with an hipad2

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I-Pad, I-Phone and smart-Phones can all be used as phones and as e-mail devises. One does no longer have to hold such devices to once ear either. Video conferencing via SKYPE for example works rather well on a tablet or I-Pad. Some people have SKYPE phone number nowadays rather than cell phone numbers and no longer require a phone line in the conventional cense. The internet with WIFI is all some use for all their communications and it works rather well.

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“Quad core is useful when it comes to mobile gaming, but in reality it is just hype, because the bottleneck at the moment is data usage,” said Loo Wee Teck...

Additionally, manufacturers are going to have to consider the "usable" battery power available on-board if they start touting a switch to quad core processors while suggesting that your new Smartphone be used as a mobile gaming platform - notwithstanding data transfer limitations and the cost of total data usage limitations / concerns...

If such handsets come out, it would be nice to see some practical standards for battery consumption in a standardized "real world" format that the end user can understand...

I can just see all the disgruntled new owners wondering why their battery is flat after just 2 hours of constant use playing some FPS... That and the fact that you might need to wear an oven-mit to hold the thing without burning your hand after playing for an hour.... *-)

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Easy way out of the "data crunch": invest in infrastructure. Personally I'm not that worried about Japan. The carriers have a history of good coverage compared to the big providers in many countries, and tend to keep apace in data bandwidth, which of course is owed to the existence of several big companies competing against each other.

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4G? I'm holding out for 10G! My PC is as slow as my Blackberry and I'm waiting for a platform that just works! If devices get faster and data speed doesn't, prices of data use will go up! That should help! I have been holding back with updating to an Android or... I want a solid device that works! After using PC's and many different phones and services since cell phones first arrived , (my first cell phone was a Motorola 12 lb transportable). I have had spotty service! Not to mention the constant PC updates! I'm about to go Apple all the way! Mac and I phone! It just works and works well.

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Either HTC is not at this Mobile World Congress or this was a deliberate snub. HTC is not a tiny company and yet to hear nothing makes one wonder how this story is being reported...

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Now if they can make batteries that will actually last for these smartphones?? How about smart, long lasting BATTERIES TOO??

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Android is the future.

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My iPad 2 is instant speed. I do not know how it could get any faster!

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