AI, drones, 4K cameras used to improve security systems across Japan


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LOL, 'improve security for Japan'?

...more like 'improved access for CCP spies'.

Supply chain AND JV in China does not make for a trustworthy security company, IMHO.

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If my iPhone 12 cannot recognize my face with a mask on, how the heck do those poor cameras do so on street posts?

Plus in Japan it seems they post warning signs that cameras are watching you 100 meters before the cameras come into view overhead.

Make those sandwiches.

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AI image recognition

AI image recognition will allow for governments to know at anytime what Mister Jo is doing, wherever he is. It is just a question of changing the law or constitution.

Unless you are in the middle of a forest or desert. But satellites in the future will take care of that.

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I mapped Tokyo in Almost 1000 longitudinal and Latitudal block, I have everybody in Tokyo in a block

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