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Innovation helping to prevent accidents by elderly drivers


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Do you really think people are going to want to pay to be monitored and potentially lose their driving privileges?

Not many people want to pay for the privilege of shouting themselves in the foot. Also, old people already live on a limited income and ¥3,000 isn’t cheap.

These devices tend to be free in other countries. The driving data is used by insurance companies to potentially lower or even increase your premiums.

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Won't work. As soon as you tell an elderly person to do something much less "pay" for it they won't.

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While I agree with JJ J... I can see family members paying that fee.  Anyway - the data would be good - and not just for older drivers.  I'd support it being a requirement for license renewals.

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Ridiculous price.

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Won't work. As soon as you tell an elderly person to do something much less "pay" for it they won't.

That has nothing to do with just the elderly, example if you tell me to do something, my reply at almost anytime in my entire life would be GTFO, aimed at the person trying to boss me around. The same applies to someone pushing me to pay for something I have no desire for, or need of. In this case the cost is silly, way too high.

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The important thing is that the safety functions of cars will be completed. And the limitations in which elders must drive the car equipped with correct functions will be enacted. It can be an essential solution.

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should be absolute requirement for all drivers. 3000Y is nothing compared to parking you supposed to be paying or gaz or the pain you will cause the people who's family you will murder.

Should be absolutely mandatory for all drivers and also include illegal parkings and all data sent to insurance and police.

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Saw an NHK documentary about a 79 yo woman who was adamant about not giving up her license. She claimed that "driving is her life" and that she can still drive carefully....this despite the NHK footage showing her hands shaking visibly even while she was doing mundane tasks such as playing mahjong.

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Yesterday, the old guy next to me on rt 21 in Kamakura was driving while reading a newspaper! Not the first time I've seen this - although these days the problem is usually smartphones or driving with TV.

This is a good idea but stricter police enforcement of road rules and dangerous driving is necessary.

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the service is providing an opportunity for family members to begin a conversation to convince elderly drivers to give up their licenses

In other words, doing nothing. Computerised lip service. Nothing will change and this firm will profit from Japan's inability to do anything about senile drivers because the government know the elderly are about the only people who can be counted on to vote.

And children will continue to be mown down.

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Funny! Most of the elderly can’t use a smart phone or PC. Perhaps it should be set up via a fax.

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What we need is not more technology but fewer elderly drivers. This is a problem that needs an Uber, not an app.

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Funny! Most of the elderly can’t use a smart phone or PC.

I think you'll find most elderly these days that are not infirm are able to use smartphones.

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More Big Brother to watch over the elderly.

More ageist equipment.

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