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Fukui town set to OK Japan's 1st 'level-4' autonomous vehicles

By Midori Kamiwaki

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Actual test for autonomous vehicles is not in rural area but it should be actual urban place like Shibuya or Shinjuku.

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I mean these small villages are the perfect places to test automated busses and what not for the elderly that are not so mobile and generally alone

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Nothing is autonomous with those busses. lol Neither production nor operation and maintenance. And to be really honest, the younger guy or woman who cleans the seats, windows , checks the safety, tires and other parts etc and drives that senior community rural ‘autonomous’ bus to the place where the battery refills, that guy could also spend another five or ten minutes to drive that whole thing manually along those especially prepared 200 or 500 meters two times a day.

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Stop the automation right now! People need interaction and social intercourse, especially the elderly. What kind of world will we be living in soon? I’m worried for the future for the children.

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I am thinking this for the future of getting around. I need to go somewhere. I pull out my phone hit the transport app enter time place for pick up. 5 minuted latter a pod turn up[. I flash my transport app get in and it take my to where I go. No one get to own a pod. Google or similar runs the whole show. You pay a monthly service fee. No need to insurance. No need for a garage, no need to change to snow tires.

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