Konami, Japan firms banking on booming esports market

By Junko Horiuchi

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Hey Konami, e-Sports is great and all, but how about a new Castlevania, Contra, or Gradius game? Is that too much to ask?

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Konami without Hideo Kojima, are nothing, theyre crying about it now.

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The kind of games they play are not the ones at the top of esports globally

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Sounds like a bunch of dinosaurs trying to get it with what's "hip" with the kids long after the momentum has shifted. They probably just think they can promote a game to be an "esport" but so far all games which were pushed as esports but were no good have failed, whereas some of the most popular esports games were just ones that became popular due to them being good and a scene was built around them due to player and viewer interest. Capcom is doing it right with their fighting game events but they're heavily involved with the community and more or less let the American side control everything while just giving sponsorships and funding.

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