Massive project near Tokyo heralds rise of hyperscale data centers


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Japan needs to get more IT graduates with software skills to capitalise on their hardware

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Japan also needs to work more on IT security, educate people on this, make more penetration tests by external companies and not only by their list of vectors of attack, but leave it up to the companies who do the pentests.

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By 2030 that big data cloud and AI hype is long over, for various reasons.

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Agree with Zichi, with an additional reason.

On reading Shoshana Zuboff on the rise of Surveillance Capitalism, I can't help but to feel safer with more widely distributed block-chain enabled technologies. It is reasonable to predict this concentration of computing power will also be correlated with a concentration of information, wealth, and political power ... much in the same way that the market monopolies of ABC (Google/YouTube), Facebook, and Amazon have become increasingly controversial in their roles of platforms or publishers.

The U.S. anti-monopoly committee hearings on those three, along with Apple, were held last July 30 for good reason, but I don't think elected politicians really have a chance or a choice in regulating the same Silicon giants that got them elected. In retrospect, those hearings may have just been political theater. Anyone interested in going straight to the horse's mouth can do search on YouTube will still get the full 6 hours of those hearings ... for now.

With the trend to digitalize personal information (My Number probably becoming linked with pension and health care), a cashless society, and artificial intelligence ... a concentration of that information, much like a wheat field compared to an Amazon rain forest, is more fragile .... susceptible to a single virus, a 'mistake', or hacker(s) that could bring the whole thing down. We should take a lesson from Fukushima, there is no such thing as a foolproof system.

Even with a more distributed digitalization of currency ... I am wondering how we are going to buy survival goods when the next typhoon or earthquake takes out a local electric grid.

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10, 20 years there be no need for these large complexes.

Everyone's ongoing data around the world will fit on something the size of a grain sand if not smaller...

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Everyone's ongoing data around the world will fit on something the size of a grain sand if not smaller...

dream on.

the capacity development of magnetic tape storage is still double that of hard drives. which technology do you think is used for the cloud?

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