Film company asks Australia court to block download site


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Pointless. Another site will just pop up. Its like playing whack the mole.

Think Napster~Kazaa~Limewire

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Pirate uses all sorts of interesting proxies and entrance level methods to deceive bots and it works brilliantly.

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Control the media and the god damn internet pops up! How can we control people?

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I've never even heard of this site. Like Aly said - whack-a-mole. (thank goodness!)

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Think Napster~Kazaa~Limewire

Ahh, Limewire! That "service" was popular back when I was a Geek Squad employee. Parents were bringing in computers they had purchased for their kids less than a week earlier but were now infected with a virus. The one thing that invariably was common to them all? They had a Limewire icon on the desktop. Coincidence?

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Due to geoblocking and sweet deals with the likes of HBO, it would require Aussies to sign up with two or three streaming services to get all of the content they would like to watch. Of course, Rupert Murdoch has cornered the market and his company is firmly entrenched with the biggest Internet provider that is already making signals of privatising the rather lame national broadband network. Australians pay considerably more for content than other countries for a much reduced library and this will be horrendous if Murdoch effectively manages to buy the internet infrastructure too. This explains the frustration felt by many Australian net users, who already have their metadata collected by the government and have a censored internet.

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