Fish fins teaching us the secret to flexible robots and new shape-changing materials

By Francois Barthelat

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"Segmented hinges in the long, thin bones of fish fins are critical to the incredible mechanical properties of fins, and this design could inspire improved underwater propulsion systems, new robotic materials and even new aircraft designs.

The secret is in the structure: ‶

The science of biomimetics is blossoming. More and more inventions are being made by studying the design of things in the natural world.

Not to take anything away from the work of scientists or anything, but humans are more copy cats than inventors!

It boggles the mind that so many people think all this design happened by chance over eons of time. Even our best most intelligent minds put together cannot come up with these designs on their own and we thing that random, purposeless, directionless, mindless natural processes that compose mainly of mistakes in the genomic code actually somehow totally by accident hit on these amazing designs? Please!

Many of the designs we see and seek to copy are complicated and cannot be arrived at one little step at a time because they will not function until everything is put together just right. How in the world could stuff like this evolve? We've been taught just to accept this as true, but no one has ever seen these kinds of complex things actually created by evolution. We just think it HAD to have happened like that since God is ruled out in science.

Well, it turns out that everyone believes in miracles. Some believe in the supernatural design of a Creator and others believe in innumerable lucky and timely mutations that somehow resulted in amazing and efficient masterpieces of design. Which takes more faith to believe?

that random mistakes can create these kinds of masterpieces?


that an intelligent Designer purposefully created these things to function as they do?
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If you go not understand how evolution works yo may well fall for this claptrap nonsense.

Fascinating research and some amazing potential uses could flow from it.

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