Flight tracking exposure draws complaints

By Joshua MELVIN

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Can’t see where the harm is, it’s a public service.

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quote: In many cases, it's authoritarian regimes that don't like this exposure,

In the UK, I think police choppers no longer appear on FR24. We get a lot of them overhead. It wouldn't make much difference as they aren't exactly silent.

The Chinese would have known Pelosi landed in Taiwan even if her flight wasn't on the net services. Militaries track regional air movements as a matter of course using their own kit.

I'm sure governments will ban these services and much of the net when the larger wars kick off.

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How to upset Russian freight companies, Elon Musk, Chinese authorities and Kylie Jenner in one go? Track their jets.

Hopefully this is genuine guerilla pushback against oligarchs.

Usually though if some popular movement threatens oligarchical interests it gets addressed very quickly by lawmakers.

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Flightradar and Flightaware were there for airplane ehtusiasts even before these self-entighled, good-for-nothing celebritites and authoritarians started fearing for their insecurities. They can bugger off or use public transport

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Tracking flights of aircraft of public companies is one thing, even private planes or any objects in the sky I can agree with as public information; but when the individuals aboard can be or are accurately named, that’s an invasion of privacy and a security risk. Especially for high-net worth or highly-public figures.

Take the bus or drive? There’s no tracking there, unless a paparazzi takes a picture - their right (basically). But digital and widespread dissemination feels wrong.

A diplomat’s plane? The other country knows they’re coming! This “service” would only help terrorist groups or stalkers - even normal people get stalked.

Where’s Bezos Buffet or Bill (Gates/Clinton) flying to of late? Not in the media eye or just smarter to have already leased/sub-leased/dummy-corp’d their planes already?

At the end of thinking about this, I actually respect Musk for buying his own plane in his own hand.

Short flights? 1 hour from LA to Vegas… I’ve gotten motorcycle tire punctures and speeding pullovers in that desert. Cars or sport bikes usually 2.5-3.0 hr was the norm (at high speeds door-to-door with consensual risks), so 17 minutes was probably only actual air time from like San Diego to Hollywood…airport to airport, and them you gotta enter back in an “unidentified vehicle” closer to 45 minutes or an hour. Saved an hour! Maybe 2! Haven’t made that drive in 20 years. I’m sure it’s real blocked up at the wrong times.

As to Mr Streufurt, good on you for your use of technical innovation and original thought (for the most part). It highlights out-dated probably 50’s technology that the US needs to update and hopefully most other international flights can also agree to.

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Take the bus or drive? There’s no tracking there, 

The telematics on most modern cars permit real time tracking of their location. Find out what On-Star can do. It is scary, and why I drive older cars with no telematics.

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