5G expected to drive new businesses, spark tech advances

By Junko Horiuchi

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I have researched this tech on various websites, used it myself but don't see much improvement unless your right next to the tower and even that is not as quick as what is being promoted. Quite disappointed.

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yes from what I see, Japan is way behind the curve on this; China is more advanced

Japan could be the perfect environment to test because its densely populated with most of the populace committed to living in nothing more than a large box. but to implement this tech, there are so many

social and bureaucratic obstacles in the way, I cant see how autonomous logistics would ever work here.

From ship to autonomous transport, to warehouse robots picking, to door delivery it could all be automated.

See it, then I believe it.

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3G was dreadful when it started in Japan, ( I stupidly bought on the 1st day of commercial sale) - 4G (LTE) wasn't any good until it had been up and running for a couple of years. 4G in Japan is now right up there speed wise. Give it a year/18 months 5G will start proving its worth.

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Is there any downside, besides pricey plans? Battery consumption is similar to 4G?

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Japan will be able to send faxes even faster thanks to this technology. What a time to be alive!

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Don't mention the elephant in the room, the damaging effects of 5G on the human immune system. Plenty of experts are concerned about this tech.

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Will 5G eliminate those stacks of papers and room after room of files at the doctors office, ward office, housing records office, tax office, police main offices, etc.?

Why is this country so backwards in IT?

@yildiray: Too funny

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My thoughts exactly. No one seems to be addressing this problem. Here it is being openly discussed at the UN.

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@talaraedokko yes this is a worryingly dangerous technology and no-one wants to look at the health issues that will arise form this... here is the ex President of microsoft Canada and his take on things.

vid link above.

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Don't count on it. Japanese companies are at least a decade behind the rest of the world in bringing products that make creative, unique use of new technologies to market. Hidebound thinking, lack of imagination and a corporate hierarchy headed by senior citizens that impedes innovation it doesn't understand is the heart of the problem.

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5G expected to drive new businesses, spark tech advances

All long as it's not raining or snowing. But then, it doesn't rain or snow much in Japan. Oh, and as long as your "airways" aren't cluttered with buildings. But that's okay because Japanese cities don't have many buildings.

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Why would I need 5G when 4G does all I want?

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Why would I need 5G when 4G does all I want?

It's not for we meat units. It's for our machine cousins. :-)

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5 G faxes?yes this is what Japan is waiting for...

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