More businesses turn to mixed-reality technology in employee training

By Junko Horiuchi

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As more and more skilled workers reach retirement across various industries in rapidly graying Japan, businesses are turning to new technologies to hand down field experience and knowledge to younger workers.

This is a issue Japanese companies wrought. For a long time, they purposely made the decision not to invest in human capital and purposely tried not to allow people to gain any marketable skills. This is how the "office worker" role started. So people were all unskilled workers and couldn't demand higher salaries, couldn't really switch companies because they would literally enter into the exact same situation, and the only few skilled and old workers were constantly invested into even though their ceilings were noticeably getting lower and lower because they were moving closer to retirement. Furthermore, the Japanese work style and environment stagnated because there was no infusion of new ideas and now you have a country playing catch up with employees becoming more and more dissatisfied

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These two companies are Very innovative and timely.

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No such thing as a work shortage in Japan. Pay proper wages and watch people apply.

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