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Foldable future: Smartphones return to design classic

By Yassine KHIRI

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It vows that its latest models -- the "Galaxy Fold" and "Galaxy Z Flip" -- will give users the sort of experience normally reserved for tablets and laptops.

It would be nice to be a corporate shill and get one of these. From the Note series Samsung has made some sweet phones.

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I'll stick with the iPhone.

I prefer their design

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I really wanted the Galaxy Z Flip but the battery does not hold nearly enough juice to last me through the day. When they manage to put in bigger batteries into foldable phones then yes, I'll happily purchase one.

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I'll stick with the iPhone.

I prefer their design

A rectangle?

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Looking forward t the Apple product in 2025. Been interested in this design for the past few years but the tech is not yet 100% proven as durable. Would be nice to multitask on 2 apps side-by-side without having to carry a full tablet.

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Also, self-appointed ‘influencers’ and those narcissists addicted to posting so much of themselves on social media will be better able to see both sides of their two faces at the same time.

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Recommend the Anker Powercore III wireless charger as a handy ‘backup’ charger for a day out & about (about the 3/4 size of a pencil case).

Also, recommend the Anker Nano IQ ‘flash’-charger as soon as a electrical power source is convenient (with proprietor’s “konsent”o, of course).

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Multiple Apple products user as well but,

are you sure about current iPhone ‘split screen’ as an internal feature (like iPad),

and not via an app?:

- “You can already use split screens on iPhones.”

Perhaps “can already use” of meant via an app and with websites only, like YouTube & Instagram ?

Will check back for the response later. Thx.

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My main phone for calls when out and about is a Nokia candybar. My dedicated 2FA phone, used more than any other, is also a Nokia candybar. My JP flip phone is still going strong. My only smartphone, a Moto, does the business on holiday when I need maps or translations.

So I have 4 of the wee beasties. All are turned off until I use them, so they get recharged once every six weeks or so (6 months for the Moto during the pandemic). That means all four are greener than any single phone that is on all the time and repeatedly recharged. They won't get replaced until they croak, and then with something similar. No real interest in foldables. It looks like it could increase the cost and reduce the lifespan.

Never bought an Apple phone. Never will.

I wonder if there is anyone who bought the original iPhone and has updated every release since. That must be a few quid. Plus the e-waste.

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Apologies for sounding offensively smug in my previous post. 4 phones are more e-waste than one, obviously. I can try and mitigate that by using them until they don't work any more, and keeping them off. It's a pity that mobiles are replacing landlines, which are far greener. I'd happily ditch the 2FA phone if governments would end 2FA, but it helps them monitor us, so they won't. I don't have a simcard in the Moto - I just rent a pocket WiFi when abroad. That should dodge any turning off of 3G or 4G. Millions of people recharging their phones every night is simply not a green development. 'Better' screens (better than we need) drain power faster. Low power modes would help. The mobile phone industry has not been very green with its incrementally 'improved' models. It could do more.

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Nothing cryptic or confrontational about that follow-up question posed @3:55pm but the courtesy of a clarification would add credibility to another’s general claims @11:32am:

“You can already use split screens on iPhones.” -

Are ‘split screens’ a built-in feature on current iPhones or,

… a separate “app”, only workable with websites and not functional with Apples ‘Notes, Pages or Numbers’ ?

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