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For virtual reality pioneers, no rush to succeed in 2016


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The virtual elephant in the room is that VR-induced vertigo can be intense and immediate, sometimes within 10 seconds for many people. Until that is under better control through visual manipulative techniques, you won't be seeing much of this technology.

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Motion sickness won't be a problem at all for the vast majority of people. The consumer versions of both the Rift and the Vive have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, much higher than the development kits shown last year.

While the Vive does offer "room-scale" VR, the Oculus doesn't really offer 360-degree views, it does have some occlusion right behind the user, due to having only one (front-facing) tracker sensor.

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It has nothing to do with refresh rate. Do you work in the industry?

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It does have a lot to do with refresh rate. High refresh rate along with a low persistence display eliminates discomfort for almost everyone. There is still certain types of movement that trigger nausea related to conflicting Visual/Vestibular information but they can be worked around.

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Trouble: nope, vertigo comes when we're watching non-interactive 3d video. VR Is supposed to be interactive, eliminating the eye-ear discordances.

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Some people get motion sick from playing FPS games, it's a matter of getting used to it. I suspect the same will apply to VR.

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