Ford to speed up push to electric autos, digitization


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The death keel for the company. If you possess any logical intelligence, you'll research that more toxic pollution and non recyclable waste is produced with, in and from, the production of electric vehicles, than petrol conventional motors. Not to mention the impact on the displacement of entire indigenous populations that have the mis fortune of living on the land above lithium and the other minerals, not excluding water, needing extraction that provide the warm fuzzy feeling that a blind and ignorant lemming populace only interested in pretending they're doing something that shows how conscious-(un) they are. Sleep well.

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Deadbetles shouldn look up Baku and the other ruined areas of petroleum extraction, then look into the smoggy sky and ask what the hell are we doing?

My entire household and both electric cars run on the power from the PV system on our roof. It paid back in three years in gasoline replacement alone, and now gives us free power for household and both cars.

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@gkamburoff Nothing is free. It's all about the end product, isn't it... I, me, me, mine.

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