Free POS cash register app AirREGI supports 134 countries and regions


Recruit Lifestyle Co Ltd, a Japanese information service company, has released an English version of the POS cash register app AirREGI for free. Support will first be provided for the Android Tablet version, and the application will be available for download from Google Play in 134 countries and regions.

In addition, Recruit Lifestyle has released the English version of the app “AirREGI Handheld Ordering.”

What is AirREGI?

AirREGI is a free POS cash register app for smartphones or tablets. It has fulfilled the cash register functions necessary for the retail industry, the restaurant industry, and each service industry since November, 2013. It enables users to make orders, analyze sales data, manage a seat, and more.

In the year since its release, over 100,000 accounts have been created. In Japan, it currently supports credit card payments and services provided with partner Square, Inc, an American mobile payment company.

Overview of the AirREGI English version

  1. Offline operation is possible, even in areas without telecommunications.
  2. Support provided for decimal points and the currencies of each country.
  3. Customizable to support the tax system of each country, including consumption taxes. Multiple taxes and rounding down are also supported.
  4. 157 different currencies can be selected. The name of the currency is on the payment display.
  5. Possible to select the time zone of each country.
  6. In addition to English, characters such as Thai and Arabic can be input in the menu. Receipts can be printed without concerns of garbled characters.

Furthermore, AirREGI stores users’ data on the cloud so the data will always be accessible, even if the device breaks. Get access to old data on any replaced device.

New application available

Recruit Lifestyle released the English version of AirREGI app “AirREGI Handheld Ordering” prior to the Japanese one. Users can streamline the task at their restaurant from taking customers' orders to passing them to the kitchen. With this application, orders will be taken on mobile devices instead of paper, which makes operation much more efficient. AirREGI will develop more functions to help business with cost reduction and operation efficiency in the future.

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Looks good, app is "free" but they charge a service fee per transaction obviously.

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Can't see it anywhere but I'm guessing it's going to have PCI DSS compliance?

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soldave: Japan doesn't really have PCI compliance, at least I have never seen it advertised anywhere on anything.

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I use Square which is also popular and from what I gather does largely the same thing.

Does anyone have first hand experience with both Square and AirRegi?

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Firstly, POS is an unfortunate acronym to use I think, I hope a new app would be better!!

Offline operation is possible, even in areas without telecommunications.

Who wrote this? The first part makes the second part irrelevant.

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