Freeze-dried mice: How a new technique could help conservation


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"Freeze-dried mice"!!

Just add water to the convenient package, microwave on High for 2 minutes, let stand one minute, and VOILA!, the breakfast, lunch, and supper of Mankind's future...

"How a new technique could help conservation"

Regarding species conservation, at least 10,000 unrelated individuals would have to be so conserved and rebuilt to restore even a fraction of the original genepool and once again make it viable in this world. One individual carries only a tiny fraction of the total information in ANY species' collective genepool.

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The research is huge and obviously very interesting in the way it improves the knowledge of how cells differentiate and can be turned back to the point of making clones, but as a technique to help conservation it is not exactly something efficient. For a fraction of the resources needed to make one single clone you could keep many of the original animals alive. Maybe eventually this could become a practical way to revive extinct species, but right now the best use of resources would be to avoid those species going extinct in the first place.

On the other hand further advances may allow the technique to be used to grow organs on time to save the live of people that right now are dying because of lack of organ donation. Cloning a liver, lung, heart from the patient cells using a surrogate animal would have the extra benefit of avoiding immune reactions against the organ.

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It's amazing how science can truly make our lives better for now and the future. We have to trust science.

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It’s interesting but mice breed like crazy anyway and I don’t think we need more of them. How about humans stop destroying endangered animal’s habitats? That would be a smarter solution.

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Do they still "run after the farmers wife {who } cut off their tails with a carving knife "?

Freeze Dried Mice.....

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"It's amazing how science can truly make our lives better for now and the future. We have to trust science."

Not a criticism but maybe a realignment of thinking. What we are talking about here is NOT 'science'. It is KNOWLEDGE. What we call 'science' is just an organized way of increasing our KNOWLEDGE of this place we have been cast into. When many think of 'science', the thought seems like they view it as a 'cult' of some sort. It is not. It is just 'curiosity' formalized and the formalization has its own problems but the important thing is that we do not teach our children 'science', we give them knowledge and when we view 'scientists' as priests of a sort in a cloistered order, we subtly discourage our children from feeling as though they can be, or that it is desirable to be, an 'egghead' and we lose a lot of talent to useless areas like, say, 'business'. Again, 'science' is not a 'thing' but just an attitude toward this Universe and our place in it and learning our ABCs should not be 'Apple', 'Boy', 'Cat', but better 'Atom', 'Bone', 'Carbon' and, if we were to do this impossible educational realignment, we would recruit many more minds into our search for 'understanding' and our KNOWLEDGE would grow at a much greater rate. And when we look around and see what we do to each other, it difficult not to see how primitive we still are and it's only with greater KNOWLEDGE of this place and ourselves that, MAYBE, we can fix that before our blindness destroys us. Just sayin'...

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In case lab animals escape, i hope we are working on freeze dried cats as well.

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Instead of "Three Blind Mice" I keep wanting to sing "Freeze Dried Mice". Help me with the rest of the song, lol!

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