French start-up offers 'dark web' compass, but not for everyone

By Frédéric GARLAN

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Great. I hope it has a positive effect on world crime. I hope other organizations build on this and improve it.

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Aleph was the name that Aum Shinrikyo took on after the subway bombings and still uses.

An unfortunate but possibly appropriate choice.

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They initially raised 200,000 euros ($228,000) but had several close calls with bankruptcy before finding a keen client in the French military's weapon and technology procurement agency.

Says a lot about European investors and governments that this firm almost went bankrupt before anybody was interested. Clearly a talented bunch of people that you would think the French government in particular would have jumped on and supported far earlier. Still, a good outcome.

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I wish Aleph and co founders commercial success in the development of capable so called deep and dark web software based detection solutions.

However the commercial reality for analysing configurable interfaces to aid law enforcement and intelligence agencies has advanced considerably beyond search capabilities.

To flesh out the article......

DARPA-BAA-14-21: Memex.......

Research investment is focused primarily on systems security technologies, an example can be found here.

Center for High Assurance Computer Systems

Hundreds of million in research funding is devolved to commercial companies that can provide proven results

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There is critical purpose and reasoning for consistent levels of risk assessment analysis coupled with the highest prioritising for the development of crypto integrity assurance.

German politicians’ personal data leaked online.....

The huge cache of documents seen by German media included personal phone numbers and addresses, internal party documents, credit card details and private chat.......

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Dark web... is not really dark.

So what they've done, is built up an "onion" address database of various sites..... boring.

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