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From 'Sam-suck' to Apple rival: the Samsung transformation

By Sunghee Hwang

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Not just South Korea

A lot of Asian mega-companies are like this

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A lot of Asian mega-companies are like this

Except the Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese. Mega corporations and powerful entrepreneurs are merely a part of the centralized political machine. A political clique is supported by an equally, subservient economic clique.

Japan Inc and Korea Inc are just simply dominated by the economic cliques who rely heavily on an export economy. The backbone of an export economy is a powerful buying state aka The United States. You export your goods to receive the USDs to boost up your national economy and living standards. At the same time, the US has a very powerful influence over these Asian economic cliques. It does not surprise me when Edward Snowden leaked the confidential info of Obama's spying/blackmailing program on every Yakuza bosses and Keiretsu bosses of Japan.

The difference between two worlds lies on the aspect of independence.

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The article wasn't bashing Samsung. Just because it's stating the corruption inside the company doesn't mean it's hating on it.

There was no mention of Japan anywhere in this article. So... What's with this whole "Japan Inc" thing?

The article was written by, what looks like based on name, Korean.

People do buy Japanese phones. Japan sucks at marketing, not building a good phone.
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I vastly prefer LG over Samsung when it comes to Korean technology. My personal opinion, of course, but their phones, the LG Signature TVs, even home appliances have a very classy design and build.

As for Samsung, the only reliable thing I have from these folks is an External DVD drive that I bought before coming to Japan. Then again, it says "Samsung-Toshiba" in the back sticker, so maybe that's why.

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