Amazon says customers have to secure own data

By Jack Stubbs

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People who don't know anything about network or computer security shouldn't use cloudy IaaS services. Stick with the fully hosted solutions or keep your sensitive data inside locations and networks that you do fully control and understand.

Amazon is right.

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"If you (change) the configuration on your bucket to world-readable, you will get lots of alarm bells going off," he said. "It's up to the individual customer to decide what's right and what's wrong."

While I agree security should be up to clients, I think AWS could make their buckets easier to manage. Why not quite separate classes of storage buckets, so that when creating a storage bucket that is intended to be secure and not world-readable, it can never be changed after the fact? In the past, it was all too easy to change security settings later. (I'm not up to date on their current implementations.)

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Why can't Facebook take this approach with speech and pictures? "It's up to the users to determine what is appropriate to post." The Congressional committee he stood before would have been gnashing and wailing at that.

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When you hand over your valuables to someone to look after, how well do you trust them ? And how well do you think they're going to take care of your valuables to avoid theft ? And what compensation will you get if the unimaginable happens, and your valuables are taken ?

Now replace valuables with "data" ....

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