From K-pop to sales girls: AI goes mainstream in South Korea

By Sunghee Hwang

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Meet Zaein, one of South Korea's most active virtual humans, who was created by Pulse9, an artificial intelligence company that is working to bring corporate dreams of the perfect employee to life.

Seeing such videos creeping gradually into the news, SNS and video feeds shows it is an interesting time to be alive.

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Soon, my boss will be an AI human.

Where are we going ?

Toward the end of the true humanity .

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This is why actors are striking

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This is the kind of AI character creating that I have no problem with personally. It’s basically an avatar or promotional picture at its core. Doing simple stuff like regurgitating the weather and what not isn’t harmful.

of course the aggregate face of “just blend all the popular K-pop stars in recent years” is whack because she looks exactly like what you’d think. The lack of unique “new big thing” is what makes AI generated characters feeling weak imo

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Personally, I think that the AI that we have been dealing with lately is only the surface of the true power of AI, which is hidden and locked away somewhere. I myself use Chat GPT and Bard, to help make the software code for trading strategies and fifty percent of the time I end up figuring it out myself. Which isn't bad after all.

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And here I thought the entertainment industry would be fine, but I guess I was wrong. People seem to enjoy digital content in the form of deep fakes and it all goes back to Hatsune Miku, whatever helps them consume more content daily I guess... The closer we are to AI, the closer I feel we will all be looking at screens doing nothing with our lives like in Wall E.

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To be fully honest,if you have a culture which promotes 'sameness' as a virtue,why would you become offended by a concept which takes this concept to its natural conclusion?

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It's not really AI in the sense that it can make decisions and think for itself - it's basically a clever piece of CGI

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