Frost attached to glass is removed by using warm washer liquid. The device that heats and keeps the heat of washer liquid (left) and a glass plate used as a windshield (right). Photo: Nikkei Automotive

Frost on windshield removed by washer liquid from 'Thermos bottle'

By Hideyoshi Kume

Murakami Corp has developed the Heated Washer, which heats and keeps the heat of washer liquid for washing the windshields of vehicles.

The Heated Washer, which works like a Thermos bottle, can drastically shorten the time it takes to remove frost, compared with frost removal methods using warm water, scraper, etc, according to the company.

One of the characteristic features of the Heated Washer is that it warms washer liquid at the time of driving the vehicle on the previous day, keeps it warm and uses it in the morning of the following day.

There have already been systems that spray warm washer liquid, but they heat washer liquid by supplying electricity after starting up the engine. And it takes about 30 seconds to increase the temperature of the washer liquid to 50°C.

On the other hand, the Heated Washer stores warm washer liquid and can melt frost right after starting up the engine, Murakami said. It can be installed just by attaching a heating/heat-retaining device that stores liquid between the tank of the washer liquid and injection nozzle.

The heating/heat-retaining device first increases the temperature of washer liquid to 50°C by using electricity from the vehicle at the time of driving the vehicle. The device has a structure similar to that of a thermos bottle and can keep the temperature of the washer liquid warmed at the time of driving.

The current of electricity that the system inputs at the time of heating is 6A, which is about 1/10 that of conventional systems that heat washer liquid after starting up the engine. Electricity is not supplied to the system when the engine is not in operation.

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Errr. Thermal shock? I'm guessing these guys have never seen the countless videos on YouTube of windscreens cracking from hot water being sprayed on them for this exact reason

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The water is warm not hot....

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Frost be prevented by simply covering up the windows. I always wanted a retractable outer screen for my windshield.

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50 degrees is just too hot for a bath, but way short of the kettle of boiling water that some people feel tempted to pour over their windshield.

As Norman says though, if you place a cover over your windscreen the night before it will make a big difference.

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