FTC warns AI industry: Don't discriminate, or else

By Ryan Calo

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'AI' is not what you might think of as 'artificial intelligence' - certainly not in the sense of SciFi movies.

It's just algorithms informed by large data sets. Often badly, as computers contextualise data badly.

Those data sets are taken from real world data - scraped from Facebook or Google or wherever.

So, working as well as they can, they copy real world bias. Because that is what they are supposed to do - emulate, anticipate and pre-empt the behaviour the real world.

You can artificially program the bias out of them, but then you are faking your underlying data set, or undermining your algorithms.

So, as you are faking the process, you might as well not bother buying the datasets and training your 'AI' on them.

The problem here is not with the 'AI'. 'AI' does have a lot of problems - it simply isn't very reliable, but the problem of bias is not in the algorithms, it is in society.

If the FTC can fix society, hey, go for it, guys.

Once again, governments are blaming technology, when it is the human element that is at fault. Good 'AI' copies human bias.

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That means, almost all AI systems or algorithms will have to be canceled, because even without any manually or out of bad motivation intentionally given parameters, biases or weights most of the neural networks apply then neutral algorithms to calculate internally everything by themselves and then those biases occur as part of the results anyway. It’s like demanding production of cars, that are perfect and sophisticated, but are not allowed to drive by all means. Would you do that? Yes, probably you would do that too nowadays, because your ideologically deformed and sick-minded brains give you only still such orders. lol

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