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Fujifilm announces new software to organize digital photos and images


Fujifilm has announced new software called “Year Album” that helps people organize their digital photos and images into printed picture albums with nice layouts.

The software’s “Image Organizer” with Fujifilm’s unique image analysis technology analyzes dates, faces, focus, brightness, or similarities/qualities of pictures, etc. and picks up the best pictures, puts them in chronological order, and changes their sizes for the best layout.

Because of these automatic functions, by selecting the period of time and the number of pages you like, you are able to check the first sample of your album after 5 minutes and if you like it you can place an order immediately and the album will be printed and delivered to you.

Of course, The machine offers editing functions so pictures can be changed, comments added, etc. so that a much more customizable album is possible.

A shelf of different picture albums can be made of different years, events, or people.

In addition to your computer, this software can be used on kiosks at Fujifilm stores.

Price (depends on the number of pages; 16/24/32/40/48 page albums): 2,980 yen – 5,860 yen

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iPhoto does all of this and more and it's free.

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Not the printing of the album though.....

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