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Fujitsu encryption tech for biometric info provides safer authentication in open environments


Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has developed a technology that can compare biometric information while it is still encrypted, with the same accuracy and processing speed as conventional biometric authentication systems.

Conventional technologies have been developed that can authenticate encrypted biometric information, but there were issues with the comparison accuracy or in the processing speed. Now, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology that uses palm vein authentication to prevent the degradation of comparison accuracy that occurs when encryption is applied, while increasing the speed of comparison processing.

Because this technology enables quick and accurate comparison of biometric information while it is constantly encrypted, it can create a payment system using safe and secure palm vein biometric authentication in environments such as a cloud environment via the internet.

Development background

In recent years, the use of biometric authentication has become more common as a safe and convenient method of identifying a person. Fujitsu Laboratories early on developed palm vein authentication to meet the need for an authentication system that could identify a person with just biometric information, without using information such as a password or a card. In 2018, Fujitsu Laboratories announced a biometric authentication technology that combined facial recognition with palm vein authentication.

Fujitsu said in a statement that it expects to see wider use of biometric authentication in a variety of situations, such as for payments when shopping, for logging in to websites and systems, and for accessing secure rooms.Conventional biometric authentication systems could only operate in closed environments using dedicated connections.

In the future, however, the implementation of biometric authentication systems operating in open environments via the internet is expected, as there will be more usage of cashless payment at large-scale chain stores

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Excellent... This is a good advancement

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I know it sounds weird to say this, but Fujitsu is an extremely underrated and underappreciated company in the tech world. And so is NEC, for that matter.

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Palm vein authentication has been a staple in South Korea for years. Well better late than never I guess

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Palm vein authentication has been a staple in South Korea for years. Well better late than never I guess

I've read that the palm vein authentication system used at 14 domestic airports in Korea was developed by Fujitsu.

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"Palm vein authentication has been a staple in South Korea for years. Well better late than never I guess"

Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it!

Just remember: Korea does not need anything Japanese.

"Fujitsu’s PalmSecure Deployed in World’s First Palm Vein Authentication System at Korean Airports"


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The salaries at Fujitsu are almost unthinkable for Japan-300.000 USD for senior engineers for example. Fujitsu is underrated, but has a strong position in banking IT, supercomputing and other technologies. They are less visible in consumer business, but this doesn't hurt them at all

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I've never seen any job Adverts from Fujitsu... which agency deals with them ?

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