Fujitsu expands line of new 8FX 8-bit microcontrollers

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Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd has announced the addition of new products to its New 8FX family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers, including 9 products from the 48-pin MB95690 Series, which includes brushless DC motor control functionality, and 6 products from the 64-pin MB95810 Series, which features analog comparator technology.

The MB95690 Series and MB95810 Series are being offered as low-cost, low-power main microcontroller options for a wide range of applications in both Japanese and foreign products, including applications such as cooking appliances, home electronics, personal care products, power tools, and office automation equipment.

Brushless DC motors are employed in cooking appliances, such as microwaves and food processors; office appliances, such as printers and photo copiers; and personal care products, such as hair dryers and electric razors. While superior in terms of both noiselessness and long life expectancy, these motors account for a significant percentage of a product’s overall cost, and there is significant demand for lower cost microcontrollers for controlling brushless DC motors.

In addition to brushless DC motor control, there is also considerable need for supporting relatively high-end products that require fine-grained system control, such as temperature sensors, light sensors, and other applications that monitor a variety of environmental parameters surrounding a device.

Moreover, with increasing focus in recent years on lowering the electric power consumed by electronics products, there is growing demand to reduce power consumption as much as possible during normal operation and standby.

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1 Comment
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wow thats great I wish all my best wishes to fujitsu on behalf of my company and hope that the fujitsu will grow more and deliver the best results.

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