Fujitsu granted Japan's first private 5G license


Fujitsu has been granted Japan's first private 5G radio station provisional license by the Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications. As a next step, Fujitsu said it will establish a radio station emitting private 5G radio waves in order to verify private 5G network systems at its Shin-Kawasaki Technology Square office in Kawasaki, Japan. 

In the spring, Fujitsu will also move to open a "FUJITSU Collaboration Lab," which will serve as a dedicated co-creation space for collaborating with customers and partners to workshop and verify use cases utilizing private 5G. 

Fujitsu said it will continue to apply for private 5G licenses for its other office locations, plants, and group companies in Japan, offering support for customers in various industries to achieve their own digital transformation projects to deliver new value and business innovations.

The introduction of private 5G, which allows companies and local governments to operate their own, ultra-fast private networks, is expected to accelerate business innovation in response to the diverse needs of individuals and communities throughout society. Private 5G network technology promises to unlock numerous business applications in a variety of industries, such as accelerating the deployment of IoT in manufacturing, creating secure networks for seamless remote operations and enhancing surveillance at construction sites and medical facilities. 

Despite the innovative potential of this technology, however, the introduction of private 5G requires specialized knowledge in the construction and operation of advanced networks as well as preparing appropriate test environments. To overcome these challenges, Fujitsu said it will draw on its experience in developing solutions for private 5G networks to conduct technical verification and use case verification of new solutions with this technology together with its customers, with the aim of promoting the optimal use of 5G in real-world business contexts. 

Shingo Mizuno, Corporate Executive Officer SVP, Vice Head of Service Platform Business Group at Fujitsu Limited, comments: "Obtaining this qualification marks an exciting and important milestone in the development of our 5G capabilities in Japan. We're looking forward to the chance to work together with our customers and partners to leverage private 5G network technologies to solve business challenges across a wide range of industries and use case scenarios going forward."

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Why only 5 G???? Japanese govt should encourage and support all companies in Japan to develop 6G. China is doing that. The Chinese govt is behind 5G development in China and the company behind HUAWEI company. Japan should not wait to help Japanese companies. The major electronic companies in Japan should form a consortium to develop 6G. The world is looking at Japan. Expecting the quality and safety of internet. Why Japan is not recognizing it? Japan today should write an article about it.!! Just give a kick to the bottom of the the engineers in Japan to wake up.

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Japanese govt should encourage and support all companies in Japan to develop 6G. 

6G is already being developed in Japan.

But the article is about private 5G which is only starting to be rolled out around the world. I don't think Japanese engineers are lazy with regard to this.

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 The world is looking at Japan. 

No it isn't. The top 5 5G equipment makers that dominate are European, Chinese and S. Korean.

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JeffLeeToday  05:58 pm JST

* "The world is looking at Japan."*

No it isn't. 

You need to quote him properly, like this:

The world is looking at Japan. Expecting the quality and safety of internet.

The world looks to Japan to produce quality and safe products. Same with Germany/some EU countries.

Nobody looks to China for that, and the US has barred them from supplying their 5G equipment as a result. The only way China (and to a lesser extent South Korea) get a foot in the door at national (or professional) level is if they undercut the competiton by an unmatchable margin. Chinese rail projects in foreign countries are a fantastic example of 'barely there' quality and support for bargain basement prices.

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