Fujitsu initiates 'Learning Project of Tomorrow'

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Fujitsu on Thursday announced that it will be promoting the "Learning Project of Tomorrow" to support the creation of a learning environments suitable for the 21st century. From now until March 2016, Fujitsu will provide software and equipment necessary for lessons utilizing ICT in the classroom to a total of six elementary schools and middle schools, comprising five schools in different regions across Japan, and one elementary school in the ASEAN region.

With this project, Fujitsu will provide know-how cultivated from its frontline experience from the Future School Promotion Project and Learning Innovation Project on implementing procedures and lesson plans on how to use ICT equipment, such as tablets, in daily lessons in ordinary classrooms, while also sending ICT support personnel who will provide more effective utilization methods for ICT.

Furthermore, Fujitsu said it will provide a community site, "chiegatamaru portal site", or "ChiePo," which will enable the sharing of teaching materials and lesson plans between instructors at participating schools. By promoting an exchange of information, it will raise the degree of ICT usage expertise among schools and teachers and support a higher level of education.

In addition, Fujitsu will launch "chietama solution," used for this project by both elementary students and educators. This solution will be available only in Japan. This product simplifies preparation of class teaching materials with employ ICT, and has features that make it easy to use ICT in class, and that automatically store an archive of classes while sharing answers or classwork among teachers and students. of angles and the learning process can be made visible, it can also be useful in tailoring lessons to individual students.

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1 Comment
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Way to go Fujitsu! You're one of the few Japanese electronics companies I really love beside Pioneer!

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