Fujitsu introduces docomo STYLE series F-04D


Fujitsu says its new docomo STYLE series F-04D mobile phone will be available in Japan from NTT Docomo, beginning Friday.

F-04D's design employs genuine carbon fibers and a titanium coating on the front, as well as specially-treated "tough shield" technology on the back, thereby delivering long-term usability while preserving the handset's elegant appearance.

To complement its super-slim 10.9mm form factor, F-90D is equipped with a high-performance CPU that enables quick and easy operations. Moreover, the handset is loaded with a wide array of advanced features - including a high resolution 13.1 megapixel camera, a smart browser that provides web browsing functionality equivalent to that of a PC browser, Wi-Fi functionality, a fingerprint sensor and other security capabilities - making the docomo STYLE series F-04D a cutting-edge water-resistant mobile phone.


Amid a rapidly expanding smartphone market in Japan, a number of users still prefer the comfort of flip phone handsets which they are accustomed to using. At the same time, there is an increasing need for mobile phones that can remain in the same top condition as when they were purchased while still being used continuously over a long period of time.

To meet these needs, Fujitsu has developed the docomo STYLE series F-04D, which builds on the technologies and know-how cultivated by the company to date and features an enhanced scratch-resistant design.

The front of the handset achieves the perfect balance between design quality and scratch resistance by employing carbon fiber, a highly-durable material that is light enough to be used in F1 race cars and features an attractive texture and appearance. In addition, the titanium coating often used in fashion accessories and luxury watches has been utilized. These elements combine to bring about a carefully-crafted sleek design targeting men.

In addition, the back of the mobile phone has been treated with a special scratch-resistant "tough shield" technology that helps to preserve the handset's coating and elegant design over the long-term.

The 10.9mm ultra-slim handset is equipped with a convenient one-touch access button and features IPX5/8 water resistance and IP5X dust resistance. In addition, it is equipped with a high-spec 13.1 megapixel camera. Through a number of high-end digital camera features including high dynamic range imaging (HDRI), as well as such video features as Art Camera mode and Full-HD recording, F-04D allows users to enjoy taking beautiful still photos and video.

F-04D also comes with a variety of convenient features, such as FM transmitter capabilities, a multimedia electronic dictionary, and a business card reader. The mobile phone is available in three colors: CARBON BLACK, TITANIUM SILVER, and TITANIUM BROWN.

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why are the colours of the phone in bold letters? flip phones are like betamax and VHS.

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Not so much an article as an advertisement. The web browser looks pretty small.

0 ( +0 / -0 ) are spot on!! It amazes me that Japanese NEVER do anything to preserve their phones. I'm always amazed that they buy these expensive phones and throw them around on their desks like chopped liver. They NEVER consider screen protectors or cases to keep them looking like new. The first thing I do is get a screen protector and case. Now when is Docomo gonna get the new Samsung Galaxy Note?????

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