Fujitsu launches ARROWS A SoftBank 202F smartphones


Fujitsu on Thursday launched the new ARROWS A SoftBank 202F from Fujitsu Mobile Communications. The new smartphone will be available in Japan from SoftBank retailers as of Friday.

To deliver one of the most sought after features by smartphone users—long-lasting battery life — ARROWS A SoftBank 202F comes equipped with a high-capacity battery, over 3,000 mAh, along with Fujitsu's energy-saving Human Centric Engine. The result is a smartphone that provides long battery life on a single charge, lasting over two days. With the handset's beautiful 5.0-inch full HD display (1,920 × 1,080) and support for Full-Seg HD broadcasts, users can fully enjoy video in stunning detail on this large-screen.

This advanced smartphone brings together a host of other high-spec capabilities, including a 1.7 GHz quad-core CPU that delivers breathtaking performance, as well as a high-resolution 13.1 megapixel camera that anybody can use to easily capture high-quality photographs.

The rapid spread of smartphones, together with the development of increasingly advanced features and ever-richer content have led to a demand for battery life that will allow users to enjoy these capabilities and content over long periods without being concerned about battery life. Thanks to its high-capacity battery exceeding 3,000 mAh and Fujitsu's Human Centric Engine, which helps users conserve power, ARROWS A SoftBank 202F delivers over two days of battery life on a single charge.

Moreover, the handset's stunning 5.0-inch full HD display and other high-spec functions allow users to fully enjoy the benefits of a smartphone in their daily lives. To deliver an easy-to-carry form factor, a feature that is becoming essential among large-screen smartphones, the unit measures 69mm wide, making it one of the industry's narrowest smartphones to feature a 5.0-inch display.

The ARROWS A SoftBank 202F is available in four colors: Grace Blue, Pink, Black, and White.

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When they say "two days," do they mean "two days" with "average use?" I'm pretty sure many people would want to see quite a few videos on that screen!

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Kind of curious to see how the qualcom snapdragon 600 is handling the fullHD resolution 1920x1080.... because if it does just end to be slower than other devices then it will be a worse user experience...

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I currently own a 2012 year model Fujitsu handset. It turned out to be a very big mistake The phone presents itself as an excellent combination of technologies, and for the most part they do...till the handset heats up (in about 15 minutes of browsing or talking) Things start to quit working and eventually it freezes. Making calls is yet another headache.

The handset is stunning and so are the specs (1.5Ghz Nvidia Tegra quad core chip with 1Gb ram). These specs are the same as that of the Nexus 7 tablet and compared to that the phone runs at 1/4 of the speed..

I would definitely advise against it, or wait till people start writing in reviews of the product.

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difficult to make a choice without price quote.

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