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Fujitsu launches Windows smartphone


Fujitsu on Thursday launched its new Windows IS12T smartphone. It is available through KDDI Corp and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Co.

Windows Phone IS12T is the first smartphone in Japan to run Windows Phone 7.5. Designed to be simple and easy-to-use, the smartphone is equipped with essential features, including fully integrated social media capabilities such as Facebook and Twitter, a video and audio player, and a variety of other entertainment applications. In addition, the IS12T comes with 32GB of built-in memory and a 13.2 megapixel camera that is among the top of its class in smartphones.

The smartphone, which features water-resistant (IPX5/8) and dust-resistant (IP5X) technology, provides users with full access to Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Windows Phone is a newly-developed smartphone with an operating system from Microsoft that combines the design, user interface, and full range of features that are highly in demand by smartphone users.

In addition to boasting a simple design with hip neon colors, IS12T comes with a new user interface that is intuitive and easy to use, thereby enabling effortless operations. The People Hub, which strives to redefine the address book experience, enables users to centrally manage information about their contacts without having to launch separate applications for contacts, e-mail, and social media.

The smartphone comes equipped with a full range of entertainment features, as well as a 13.2 megapixel camera that can capture high-definition still images using the Milbeaut Mobile image-processing engine. Furthermore, still images and movies can be enjoyed on DLNA-certified widescreen televisions and PCs.

Using technology from the PC version of the speedy Internet Explorer 9 web browser, users can also enjoy seamless web browsing-one of the greatest benefits of owning a smartphone.

While enabling users to both browse and edit Microsoft Office documents, IS12T also provides access to Microsoft's free Windows Live SkyDrive cloud service, through which users can store and share up to roughly 25GB of data.

Windows Phone IS12T features a compact, 59mm thin design featuring both water- and dust-resistant technology. It is available in three colors: CITRUS, MAGENTA, and BLACK.

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We can all talk sh!t about Microsoft but when will the brainwashed Apple lovers here ever say something about the terrible battery for the IPHONES?? You can not even change the battery! On an I Pod nor I Pad nor I almost anything! So even though I am not jumping up and down for Microsoft I do hope some healthy competition will force Apple to do something about their crappy batteries!

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In addition to boasting a simple design with hip neon colors.....

There's been nothing HIP about neon colors since 1974

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It'll be very hard to beat google and samsung me thinks.

My Android-powered Samsung Charge and I agree with you.

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I can see this phone crashing or freezing often given microsofts track record, "your phone cannot open the application and needs to shut down and restart" . Had enough of microsoft so would never ever want it anywhere near a telephone.

It'll be very hard to beat google and samsung me thinks.

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Bored of using android/iphone ..wanna try Windows 7 phone with full feature like USA .if its release in Docomo.

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This week's oxymoron: Using Windows and smart in the same sentence. Ha! Good luck with that.

Does anybody remember the iPod killing Zune? Of course not!

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This is the first smartphone with WP7.5 in Japan. I would like to try to use it. Google's Android OS have sometimes similar experience and feeling as Apple's iOS. WP7.5, however, seems to be completely different from these OS.

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For "simple and easy-to-use" read:

Still in beta, has very few functions, there's very little software for it and it'll be dropped like a stone by Microsoft in a couple of months.

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When was any Windows product ever "simple and easy-to-use."

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another meh.

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So that makes their windows 7 phone they released about a month ago totally out of date?

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