Fujitsu, Lenovo agree to PC merger


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No more Fujitsu PC's for me then.

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Agreed. When China bought Lenovo I gave up on them. I can't trust that there aren't backdoors built in.

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oem pc is a dead business, good move Fujitsu.

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 I can't trust that there aren't backdoors built in.

Just about all PCs are built by the Chinese. The brand may be US or Japanese, but they're rolling out of the factories in provincial China, with much of the manufacturing, assembly, parts procurement and services contracted to Chinese firms or companies like Foxxcon, which may as well be Chinese given it's deep political connections to Beijing.

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Just about all PCs are built by the Chinese.

No wonder they are less reliable these days

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Personally, I think that Microsoft's various Surface models have created a higher standard for quality in the PC and tablet market; I just purchased a Surface Pro and was disappointed with the offerings from Lenovo. When Lenovo's business was part of IBM, they made fantastic products, but seemed to have slipped. The Surface lines are expensive but, in my opinion, provides a better Windows experience.

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Lenovo, the world's largest PC maker

Actually, HP overtook them

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Sayonara Fujitsu.

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Actually the more these large scale PC builders consolidate to China the better... Lenovo will be seen as a security risk eventually, and the smaller PC builders will once again find a place producing bespoke solutions.

As for locking yourself into a laptop computer with which if anything goes wrong, you have to toss it.... something will change there too.

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