Fujitsu, Microsoft to equip Meiji Yasuda's 30,000 advisers with Windows 8 tablets


Fujitsu Limited and Microsoft Japan Co are providing Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co with approximately 30,000 custom-designed Windows 8 tablets as new original sales terminals for its advisers (sales personnel).

This is the largest deployment of Windows 8 tablets in Japan to date, and one of the largest in the world. Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance will start to conduct sales activities using the new tablets in approximately 1,200 locations nationwide from September onwards.

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance said it is thoroughly reviewing its business services based on customer feedback so as to realize greater customer satisfaction, and is making efforts to offer direct to customers easy-to-understand explanations of information that they will find valuable.

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I hope they will get properly trained. Migrating from Win7 to Win8 without any preparation can be a little frustrating, I observe.

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well as long as they don't need office the windows rt is usable, however if they do need office then they are getting the "luggable" pro version -- which is not really a tablet. but a convertable laptop ( and a bit heavy)

as it is - last gasp for the product line- surface rt no longer has shelf life in the US, and i never even saw either product in the wild

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Surface?? Article doesnt mentions Surface anywhere!! I think hardware will be provided by Fujitsu and OS by MS

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Do they have stock? Sounds like time to short Meiji Yasuda. Window's tablets?? Are you kidding?

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being a fujitsu product it'll be underpowered and OVERPRICED!

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Wow! Tablets on Windows 8?? I hope my laptop (Acer) with Windows 8 or now 8.1?? Will one day let me use my bloody Skype! and my bloody yahoo email, which I had no problem on my other computers, any idea why??

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