Fujitsu opens 1st data center in China


Fujitsu has launched its first data center in China, the Fujitsu South China Data Center. Located in the Guangdong High-Tech Service Zone for Financial Institutions, it is South China's first Tier 3 plus data center. Its investors are the Nanhai People's Government of Foshan and Fujitsu, and it is managed and operated by Fujitsu South China Technology Services Ltd.

Masayuki Tomimuro, Regional CEO of China, said, "As the world's third largest IT services provider, Fujitsu has a proud history in the design, construction and operation of intelligent data centers as well as data center technology innovation. Fujitsu data centers around the world follow a unified certification system and operating standard. Backed up by 15 years of experience in global data center services, Fujitsu is well positioned to provide world-class, green data center expertise for clients seeking a flexible selection of services for their critical business data assets."

The Fujitsu South China Data Center has a gross area of 12,200 square meters and uses earthquake resistant steel and concrete, with one subterranean floor and four above-ground levels. The overall area of the building is over 12,000 square meters and can house 1,000 servers in full operation.

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There is no such thing as a "Tier III plus" data center. If you don't meet the Tier IV specifications an every system, they you are a Tier III data center. Period.

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..."Subterranean floor"... This could be a problem... A mission critical facility should not be putting critical systems below grade, as the risk of flooding can result in downtime. I have seen this a lot in China--- the subterranean floors are not counted as GFA, so everyone want to build them into their projects (free area)...

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I just dont see China as being a good place to store data, the thieve from the entire world, WHY wud anyone want to make it EASY to have your data stolen.

Yeah I know its cheap & some will likely get what they paid for!

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More likely than not, they are servicing the China market with that data center. Note the article says the development is for financial institutions. Financial institutions that are not near or in that development would have too high latency, and would not use that data center. Financial institutions that WILL be in that development will probably be HSBC, ICBC, CITIC, etc... Local banks.

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